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Comprehensive and bespoke service for remediation of contaminated sites

Within Sarpi-Veolia, Sarpi Remediation is the expert in the depollution of polluted sites and soils, specializing in the preservation of water resources and the recovery of polluted land.
With 400 employees in Europe, and 20 treatment facilities, Sarpi Remediation provides solutions for contaminated sites with proven and innovative treatment techniques.


In situ & groundwater remediation services

Treatment of soils in situ are made without excavating, using conventional or innovative processes for treating all types of pollutants, from hydrocarbons to perchlorates.

These processes, some of which are patented, are associated with water treatment operations to clean up the groundwater. 

Engineering and Design for sites remediation

Faced with increasingly complex remediation projects, the design of tailor-made solutions is paramount to ensure the success and quality of the services, both economically and environmentally.
Additionally, pilot scale tests guarantees the optimal scaling and the success of each project.

On site remediation services

After excavation, the soil is treated on site by different methods:

  • Biological treatment using biopile method,
  • Soil washing
  • Thermal desorption
  • Stabilization / Solidification

In addition, design, construction and operation of mobile units can be realized all over the world

Off site remediation services

A complete service is provided with soil excavation and aims to :

  • identify the excavated soils by mesh treatment and analysis,
  • provide temporary storage if required,
  • identify the best soil elimination and acceptance system,
  • manage and optimize transport logistics,
  • provide complete traceability of excavated soils.

And a network of more than 20 treatment centers are operational in Europe.

Logistic & supply chain

International soil transfers with a dedicated team to optimize multi modal transport can be perform and complete services can be provided including administrative approach to respect local and European rules and performs.

UXO Clearance

A department specialized in pyrotechnical decontamination of civil or military sites is able to do uxo survey, upload the amunitions, identify and destroy if necessary. All personnels have EOD qualifications and military background.


Brownfields remediation are made on abandoned, underutilized industrial properties with environmental contamination. A full redevelopment project including acquisition, site remediation and property management can be study.